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Car, Plane or Boat?

Car, Plane or Boat?

Car, Plane or Boat?

iPhone App

Enslaved Inspired by the Bionic podcast’s Vlcnr project, Andrew J Clark, VlcnrSoft Australia’s star developer, turned Myke and Matt‘s two-player audio challenge into the Massively Multiplayer Online Rigged Phonic Game that is Car, Plane or Boat? – single-handedly inventing the vertical of Frustration-as-a-Service.

The FaaS market soon became crowded, with titles such as Flappy Bird becoming mainstream successes.

Do you hear that? In the distance? Is it Real Racing 3? It is it Flappy Bird? It’s “Car, Plane or Boat?” Forged in the depths of the research and development furnace in VlcnrSoft’s Australian Division we invite you to play a game. You will hear a sound and it is up to you to guess its origin, be it Car, Plane, or Boat. It may be one, it may be none, but you will be appraised accordingly. You have 5 chances to prove yourself in a single round.

In-Game Artwork

Artwork was produced for the in-game icons, backgrounds and splash screens.

App Icon

A Triple-A game like Car, Plane or Boat? needed a Triple-A icon to match. The game’s icon was designed using the iOS 7 app icon grid, so it looks great on the first page of any evil supervillain’s homescreen.

CPB-Icon CPB-Icon-Grid


 Car, Plane or Boat? is free on the App Store.